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5 Beauty Intentions (Not Resolutions) To Make in 2013


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Did you make any beauty "resolutions" for 2013?

I don't really believe in making resolutions. I think that every day is an opportunity to be better in some way and that resolutions often set us up to be disappointed or we end up thinking we've "failed" at something if we don't achieve it in one year.

Right here, right now, you are all you need to be. I'm not saying that you shouldn't have goals. Far from it, actually. I like to make small, incremental goals that accumulate to make a huge impact in the long run. That said, I'm offering up 5 intentions, or ideas, for you to consider if you're thinking of ways to be a more beautiful person inside and out.

1) See the beauty in everything and everyone. Yes, there are people we love to hate, but think about why you really dislike them so much. Is there something they have that you want? Do you fear that they are taking away your spotlight? (They won't.)

Every single person has beauty. Yes, even those people we perceive to be just downright cruel and selfish have beauty. If you really dig deep enough, you'll discover that they're just fearful, insecure people desperately seeking attention and love. Show them a little compassion and you'll start to see their purpose in your life.

2) Understand that it's ok to be pretty. Many of us try to hide our beauty under unflattering clothes or bad hairdos. We feel that people should look beyond our appearances and love us for who we are on the inside. While this is true, that doesn't mean you shouldn't take care of yourself. Love yourself and spend the time to enhance your outer beauty so that it matches your inner beauty. Treat yourself to a manicure, have a spa day, or try out a new haircut at a salon like Rush Reading (if you're in the UK).

3) Realize that you are perfect. Embrace your humaness and know that who you are right now is what you're supposed to be. What you may consider to be "flaws" are part of who you are. There are many people out there who would be grateful to have what you have or look like you look.

This idea of "perfection" doesn't really exist, actually. Not in the way all those fashion magazines make it out to be, anyway. You don't have to look a certain way or act a certain way to be considered "perfect". Just be YOU. That's enough. Affirm to yourself everyday, "I am perfect the way I am."

4) Know thyself. We spend so much time talking about and analyzing other people - especially celebrities - and yet, we haven't analyzed ourselves or looked deep within our souls to discover who we are, what our purpose is, or what visions we have for ourselves.

There’s something about a person who has self-awareness...She becomes more grounded, authentic, and less pretentious.

5) Have an attitude of gratitude. When you feel grateful for the things you have, there’s something within you that lights up. There’s a sparkle in your eye and a glow on your face. You smile more.

Every morning when you get up, think of one thing that you can be grateful for. Maybe it’s having a warm bed to sleep in, your health, or even your nice collection of nail polishes. Whatever it is, feel that gratitude in your heart. It will be hard not to smile after that!

Is there anything you’d like to add to this list of beauty intentions? What would you like to do more of in 2013?


I’m Unique Like My Havaianas Sandals


Havaianas Flip-FlopsIf you know me, you know how much I’m irked by some of the fashion in Southern California - like flip flops. I get that it’s warm weather, they’re comfortable, and everyone else wears them, but they’re just boring to look at.

That’s how many us go through our lives, though. We play it safe with our fashion, personality, or other choices in life. We want to do what we think people want us to do or act like how we’re “supposed” to. We don’t give ourselves the opportunity to express ourselves and let our inner beauty or uniqueness shine.

I’m not going to judge you if you do wear flip flops, though. That would go against everything I’ve preached on this blog about being who you are and wearing what you want despite what other people may think. Just make sure they’re a pair of Havaianas. (Kidding!)



You Are Loved


Here's something to ingrain in your head...


Don't Lose Your Real Self


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Keep being who you are! Your real self is what makes YOU happy and not what makes others happy.


Plus Size Beauty


What is beauty?

I find it interesting that the standard of beauty is still "tall and skinny". Fashion designers continue to try and perpetuate this standard by hiring skinny women for their fashion shows and photo shoots. If you wear plus size clothing, you usually have to shop in a specialty store, and as my friend has exclaimed on more than one occasion, "I can't find anything cute in those stores!" On a side note, nowadays there are plenty of plus size clothing stores online that do carry very cute styles.

Yes, I could blame the fashion industry for continuing to expose us to images of thin, young, air-brushed models. After all, those magazines are right in your face every time you pay for something at the grocery store. However, it's up to each and every one of us not to continue buying those magazines. Keep reminding yourself that these images are just illusions.


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